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Manic Irrationality, Voodoo Economics, Booming Debt and Mean-Spiritedness: The Eighties Began with Reagan Rising and Lennon Dying

Manic Irrationality, Voodoo Economics The Eighties Began, Ominously, with Reagan’s Election and John Lennon’s Assassination The Eighties began, significantly enough, with the death of John Lennon and the election of Ronald Reagan. Concurrent with the epidemic of cocaine use was … Continue reading

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Tea-Bagger Roots: The Truth and Lies About Yuppies and Their Fifties Generation Parents

History of the Movement: Yuppies, Created by a Desperate WWII Generation, Had Fifties Generation Parents Who’d Been Marinated in War Fears Yuppies—Products of the WWII Generation’s Todo List Their values become understandable, then, not only in that they were in … Continue reading

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