Raising your vibration and such is eezy-peezy spirituality. Try the “master’s” path. Try “being kind.”

My grandmother knew more about spirituality than 95% of the spiritual-metaphysical groups on the internet….

She’d point out right quick that before your go trying to spike your pineal, heat up your vibrations, learn hypnosis or how to travel outside your body, lucid dream, be telepathic or enlightened or master any spiritual power or martial art, try doing the hardest thing of all. Try….

being kind.

Experience Is Divinity: Matter As Metaphor


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About sillymickel

Activist, psychotherapist, pre- and perinatal psychologist, author, and environmentalist. I seek to inspire others to our deeper, more natural consciousness, to a primal, more delightful spirituality, and to taking up the cause of saving life on this planet, as motivated by love.
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