one’s personal fears, borne of one’s experiences of pain and trauma pervade our perceptions of these helping “psychic spots”; we see aliens, higher entities, & anything “not us” or unfamiliar through the “fog” of our individual vapors of pain.


*One at First Sees a God as a Demon Until One Is ‘Wholly’ Enough to Recognize Him”

With alien abductions, we have a parallel to what Castaneda expressed in his descriptions of the allies who in reality are just forces or “lights” but can be seen as everything from monsters to “leering men.” We also see parallels to John Lilly’s descriptions of the allies that came to him in his experiences.

An important aspect of this, again using the example of Castaneda, is how we manage to distort these encounters. It follows from our fallenness from grace into physical form that whatever we experience will be framed within the parameters of limitations imposed by our separation from the All That Is in this particular set of delusions which we call the biological body of the species human. But we know that our encounter with these foci of consciousness will be further distorted by our cultural apparatus (representing the second separation . . . second fall from spiritual grace).

Thus, not only will they come in some way physical or humanoid or form-like to us, representing that first instance of the fall as depicted in the creation of a physical species constitution. But they will also come colored with our cultural paintbrush … and therefore appear as Mother Mary, space pilots, or Trickster, depending.

*We See Our “Angels” Thru the “Fog” of Our Individual Vapors of Pain.“*

Finally, and extremely importantly, they will be further distorted and clothed by our personal experience in this separated state and, thus, very profoundly by our traumatic experiences here, especially our earliest ones.

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What I am saying is that these spiritual foci of consciousness will be further colored by our individual pain. It is in this sense that Castaneda talks about the allies appearing like monsters to one person (in this case, himself) and to another person (la Gorda) as lecherous men who want her as a woman. In other words one’s personal fears, borne of one’s experiences of pain and trauma pervade our perceptions of these helping “psychic spots”; we see them through the “fog” of our individual vapors of pain.

*Entities Might Be Seen as Frightening Assailants, They Are Later Seen as Guides: , Part Nine — Are They Aliens or the “Hounds of Heaven”?*

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— this is an excerpt from *Experience Is Divinity: Matter As Metaphor*  (2013) by Michael Adzema.

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See also the related works by Michael Adzema, titled, *The Secret Life of Stones: Matter Divinity, and the Path of Ecstasy(2016); *Dance of the Seven Veils I: Primal/Identity Psychology, Mythology, and Your Real Self(2017); *Funny God: The Tao of Funny God and the Mind’s True Liberation(2015); and *Falls from Grace: The Devolution and Revolution of Consciousness(2014). 

For any of the 12 of Michael Adzema’s works currently in print go to Amazon at…

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