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Michael Adzema on extinction, activism, and the cosmic significance of our lives in these times. Peter Melton interview broadcast on Activate Media, Sunday, October 18th.

Heads up, folks. Here’s the recording of the show that was broadcast on Sunday, October 18th. It is the main interview on Extinction Radio. It is now available for listening and downloading. I was interviewed by Peter Melton. Extinction Radio … Continue reading

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“Humans, in their evolution from planetmates, for survival advantages became crazier. And this is when we became more human…. “

“Humans, in their evolution from planetmates, for survival advantages became crazier. And this is when we became more human…. It was a tradeoff. We became pretty good at surviving  … we managed to overpopulate this planet. But we’re crazed mother-fuckers … Continue reading

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Ecocide and the Necessary Hero — Peter Melton, Michael Adzema, broadcast on Extinction Radio on 09-20-15

“We can be heroes….” — David Bowie Listen in! Extinction Radio, Peter Melton interviews Michael Adzema: “The Crisis and Opportunity of Impending Extinction” was broadcast on September 20th, 2015. Peter Melton is host of Extinction Radio, broadcast by Activate Media, … Continue reading

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“we are … here and now … in the lives where we wanted to show up at the “climax” of the movie. For whatever reason … to help, to complete a mission, to observe the spectacle…”

“We here, all of us, are existing at a time in a history, a time in the game of humanity and this planet, where we are on the verge of either destroying everything — all life and ourselves — or … Continue reading

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