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*Wounded Deer & Centaurs: The Necessary Hero & the Prenatal Matrix of Human Events* (2016) by Michael Adzema. Complete book. Free. Downloadable.

  WOUNDED DEER AND CENTAURS Complete and Downloadable, with my compliments. *Wounded Deer and Centaurs: The Necessary Hero and the Prenatal Matrix of Human Events* (2016)  by Michael Adzema, Book 5 in the Return to Grace Series. For this book, *Wounded Deer … Continue reading

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on death … “The caterpillar might think it is dying, that it is making its coffin.”

“…the caterpillar itself does not know it is going to become a butterfly either … if it can’t see that happening to other butterflies. The caterpillar might think it *is* dying, that it *is* making its coffin. Then, big surprise! … Continue reading

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