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Self-actualization necessarily precedes liberation: In the spiritual literature it is as if the Integral — where one seeks enlightenment — is the only goal in life and one can attain liberation from any of the stages of life, which is not possible.

first there is a mountain, that is the Sensory. Then there is no mountain, that is the Recollective-Analytic. Then there is … this is the Symbolic-Existential. And at this stage of the Integral one has gone beyond even that, and … Continue reading

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What does it say about those of us who chose to reincarnate in this time period? The Tao of Funny God and the Mind’s True Liberation

 “…there are times when the grand vision is wanted, even if it is more painful. Some lives you want to loll on the beach. Some lives you want to go to Life University and understand it all … er, actually, … Continue reading

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