Funny God – Bk 7


Funny God … Book Chapters and Links


Prologue: Free Your Mind

People Can Kiss Their Chains, But They Look Awfully Silly Doing It. How Is It Supposedly Rational Progressives Can Believe in a Devil?

Part One: The Tao of Funny God

Chapter One: The Tao of Funny God

We Are All Turks Today and The Tao of Funny God: Why Turkey and What Andy Kaufman and the Turkish and Occupy Protesters Teach Us

1002084_4439387643215_1694319803_nPart Two: Breaking News

Chapter Two: Hell Does Not Exist

Breaking News — Hell Doesn’t Exist: Good—God! Hell—No! … the Comedy


God moving in mysterious ways

Part Three: Funny God

Chapter Three: God Gets Me Stoned

Funny God, Part One: SillyMickel Melts for God’s Crops and Revelations


Chapter Four: Human Fear and the Absolute Earliest Preschool

Facebook Funny Revelations and the Mind’s True Liberation: Funny God, Part Two — Human Fear and the Absolute Earliest Preschool


Chapter Five: Becoming Human Is God’s Trippiest Game

The Purpose of the Human Form and the Poignancy of It All: Funny God, Part Three — Pain and Peek-a-Boo

Chapter Six: God Has Fun

Curious God, Infinite Poignancy, and the Nature of Divinity: Funny God, Part Four — The Universe Is Experience, Life is a Disneyland


Epilogue: The Earth Really Loves Us

The Earth Really Loves Us


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