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“Life and spirituality are not all about trying to deny and will out of existence one aspect of Realty, and to magnify another. God includes it all. And that includes sacred and profane. “

“…there is no sacred or profane. God includes it all … the sacred and the profane. If Truth is God, then embracing what is, is equivalent to embracing God. No points for blind belief. Life and spirituality are not all … Continue reading

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“we are … here and now … in the lives where we wanted to show up at the “climax” of the movie. For whatever reason … to help, to complete a mission, to observe the spectacle…”

“We here, all of us, are existing at a time in a history, a time in the game of humanity and this planet, where we are on the verge of either destroying everything — all life and ourselves — or … Continue reading

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