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“It is only then, turning downward our eyes in the face of the darkness and the seeming ‘end of times,’ that we can even notice our soul, our emotion, our connection with all and Everything, our true happiness, our actual heart expansion and love.”

Unplugging from the Matrix and Becoming Natural. Chapter 28 of *Prodigal Human: The Descents of Man* by Michael Adzema The Abyss and the Labyrinth Versus Redemption, Re-membering, Reconnection with Body, Realization of One’s Felicity in Life and One’s Real Self, … Continue reading

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“we walk in realms of the mythical, the archetypal…are witness to secrets of eternity finally revealed….”

“these times are the coming together of heaven and earth….“we walk in realms of the mythical, the archetypal….“we are embraced by arms of Divinity … and find ourselves as fingers of God Herself…. “we are the myths in motion … … Continue reading

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