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*Warriors* … When we first began killing our conscience, our empathy — stoically repressing our bodies and its feelings … including any guilt come of the hurting of other beings — we were only then able to kill others…

  Would you say that Western civilization was bought with the “sacrifice” of the lives of indigenous peoples? Same thing. Ask them. Oh, that’s right, you can’t, we killed them. As always, we fail to see this issue clearly when … Continue reading

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if we had less of these prenatal feelings of trauma, we would less often create situations that mirrored them. More often, we would create our lives out of our earlier joy grids, arisen out of earlier times in the womb — embryo, cellular, blastocyst, BPM I, ovum…

  *Why Know This…In Case You’re Wondering* … The lesson to be taken from all this is not that our early life mirrors our adult, “real” lives. Something more important is being said: Having our lives suffused with these distorted feelings … Continue reading

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“the path to bliss leads sometimes through despair and hopelessness”: Wounded Deer and Centaurs, on relationships

…on relationships, Sure It’s Hard….” to think that it is easy is probably to be an impostor (p. 134). He asserts that the people who are really making the changes in male-female relationships and becoming fuller human beings, you can … Continue reading

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Ecocide and the Necessary Hero — Peter Melton, Michael Adzema, broadcast on Extinction Radio on 09-20-15

“We can be heroes….” — David Bowie Listen in! Extinction Radio, Peter Melton interviews Michael Adzema: “The Crisis and Opportunity of Impending Extinction” was broadcast on September 20th, 2015. Peter Melton is host of Extinction Radio, broadcast by Activate Media, … Continue reading

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