Are you ready for the power of the next authentic generation? Millennial Generation #occupywallstreet #occupyearth

Yes, Ed Schultz, the Millennial Generation has arrived! #occupywallstreet #globalrevolution #ows

From “Millennials Rising: The Next Generation” by Neil Howe and William Strauss, copyright 2000:

“While the outlook for this generation is largely positive, dangers about, given its enormous potential power. Millennials do pose a threat to the future of this nation and the world. But if danger arrives, it won’t come from the direction today’s adults worry about–in the form of a selfish, alienated rabble of disaffected Ultra-Gen-X hyperslackers. Imagine, instead, an unstoppable mass hurtling down the track in the opposite direction, a cadre of young people so cohesive and so directional that, if their aspirations are thwarted, they might overwhelm the political defenses of their elders and mobilize around a risky, even destructive national agenda.

“For decades, Americans have been wishing for a youth generation that would quit talking and start doing. Now that older generations–yes, Gen X, you too–are starting to produce kids like this, a new question arises: OK, Boomers and Gen Xers, now that you’ve got them, can you handle them?

“Over the coming decade, the Oh-Ohs, this rising generation will introduce itself to the nation and push the nation into a new era. Once this new youth persona begins to focus on convention, community, and civic renewal, America will be on the brink of becoming someplace very new, very “millennial” in the fullest sense of the word. That’s when the “end of history” stops, and the beginning of a a new history, their MILLENNIAL history, starts.”

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Ed Schultz: You can’t socially engineer a live shot. You can’t socially engineer a protest. I went down there for four hours yesterday before I did my show, because I wanted to make sure I had a pulse of what was going on, and I call this America’s Middle Class March. They call themselves the 99%, that’s a very good description. There’s all walks of life down there, the good, the bad and the ugly. And I think that these Americans have very legitimate concerns that they believe their country is not addressing.

I think the angst, and the anger is now coming to a boiling point and it’s growing. It’s very genuine. Unlike the tea party, I didn’t see any racist signs, I didn’t see any firearms. I saw a bunch of people who were concerned about the quality of life and fairness in America. Eventually, the politicians are going to have to address this protest.

Ed Schultz On Occupy Wall Street: Unlike Tea Party, No Racist Signs Or Firearms


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